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Pink Flamingo Pizza

The Canal Saint-Martin has long been the centre of Paris’s fast-growing ‘concept’ dining scene (Balls, is a restaurant serving everything shaped into- you guessed it- balls, while H*** Hot Dog House caters to all your hotdog needs) but if pizza is your thing then try this for a concept… First, enter their black and flamingo-pink store to make your order. La Basquiat? A gorgonzola, bacon and fig pizza. La Bjork? Smoked salmon, fish roe and crême fraiche. Be sure to ask for your order ‘à emporter’ (to take-away) and let your server know you’ll be sitting ‘au bord du canal’ (by the canal), make sure to keep hold of the pink balloon they hand you and then head to the canal, grabbing some beers on the way. Sit down, relax, drink and wait for your pizzas to be delivered to you. Got it?

Monday, Tuesday, Sunday 19.00-23.00, Wednesday - Saturday 12.00-23.00