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Le Centquatre cultural centre is nestled in Paris’s Flandre quarter, an area in the 19th arrondissement with one of the highest densities of social housing in Europe. The centre comprises of a 36,000m² glass and brick arcade designed to accommodate an impressive array of resident artists and associations. At first sight the centre appears a mecca of gentrification, however, the pizza van, vintage clothes shop and photography exhibition mask a wonderfully designed, integrated artistic space where musicians, painters and dancers rehearse in communal spaces that redefine the gallery experience. Be sure to eat a croque monsieur (posh ham and cheese toastie) in the Café Caché; the decor is a modern take on 1950s Parisian brasserie culture.

Image Credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Flickr 

Tuesday-Friday 12.00-19.00, Saturday & Sunday 11.00-19.00, Monday - Closed