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Se vuoi prenotare per un gruppo composto da più di 20 persone, questo è il posto giusto per te! Il nostro personale addetto alle prenotazioni gestirà tutta la procedura senza problemi.

New York and London are the two poles of the stand-up comedy world, and it’s a decent way to spend a night. Why get drunk at a pub with your boring backpacker friends whose faces you’re sick of when you can get drunk in a darkened room all facing the same direction? The Invisible Dot and Soho Theatre are the places to check out if you want to pay about £12 for recognisable comics preparing a show for the Edinburgh Fringe. But if you’re willing to take a risk, heads to Drury Lane’s Top Secret Comedy Night. It’s free but the comics are much better than you’d expect. And if they bomb and no one laughs, don’t underestimate the value of schadenfreude. 

Check website for event hours on the day.