Musical Ambassador CONCERT

IGE honors Musical Ambassadors for their unusual commitments over a career to musical, educational and broader communities. Ambassadors are the essence of IGE Music and Art Immersions.

These eminent master musicians embrace cross-cultural, multi-genre collaboration as they contribute to the dynamic synergism at the core of the Immersion experience. 

It is around Musical Ambassadors, against the backdrop of the Venice Biennales and Carnevale that Immersions coalesce and unfold.

Ambassadors orchestrate Immersions as they perform in scheduled, spontaneous, rehearsed and improvisational ensembles.


The Generator Venice Bar and Restaurant will be open from 17.00 until very late

The Happy Hour warm-up will start from 18.30

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

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Musical Ambassador CONCERT

Great night of Americana music and #fun