Cinecitta' Shows Off


These historic film studios have played a giant part in the history of Italian and Hollywood cinema. Created back in the 30s by Mussolini under the timeless tagline, “Il cinema è l’arma più forte” (Cinema is the most powerful weapon), this is one part of Rome worth making a trip out to see.

There have been some veritable classics shot here over the years, including the epic Ben-Hur and Cleopatra modern films such as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ , Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York and Rob Marshall musical Nine.  However, perhaps it is most renowned for being the home of Italy’s most internationally recognized director of all time: Federico Fellini. It doesn’t get more Roman or more acclaimed in cinema history than La Dolce Vita.

The grounds are actually the largest studio in the whole of Europe and you can enjoy private or group tours of the entire area. It’s located just 9km out of Rome making it an easy day trip for any cinema buff.