ELLYOT X Generator - Work spaces for cool kids!

We recently joined forces with an exciting work space website called ELLYOT who allow people to book a work space in some of London's most inspirational and creative spaces.

So it only seemed fitting that we add Generator London to their books and share our experience and design led hostel!

We caught up with Tina from ELLYOT to find out the inspiration behind the brand...

Hi Tina thanks for having a chat with us, tell us about you in two sentences!

Thanks for having me. I’m Tina, originally from Taiwan, grew up in New Zealand, been living in London for two years and feels like my soul belongs in Italy!! Love travel and soaking up the various histories and cultures of our world.
Tell us a little about your role at ELLYot?
For every role I have ever been in, I believe the people and team comes first. I’m so lucky to have the BEST team here at Ellyot for all the support both professionally and personally. It’s really a super cute family. My role looks after the Marketing and Sales department at Ellyot, so my main responsibilities include the management of our brand, communications, Media, PR to users as well as spreading the word to venues for them to join our fantastic community.
How did ELLYot come about?
Our CEO, Dario is a phD candidate who specialises in the EU labour market. From all his research, we identified a massive gap in the market as far as smart-workers or remote workers.
The reality is that in this world we live in, we are able to just take our devices and work everywhere, as we live in this increasingly digitalised world. The first indication of this market appetite came from the massive rise in co-working spaces , however given they mainly operate within subscription schemes, we wanted to bring a whole new side of ways-of-working to the working population.
Let’s take people out of their offices, commuters out of their daily grind and give everyone an opportunity to truly work everywhere. Ellyot is a platform to discover, book and network across extraordinary work-spaces. It is available to be booked by the hour, where people can be inspired for their work; get involved in real life conversations in an array of amazing venues that were previously unavailable to be bookable as work-spaces.
What’s a typical day like at the ELLYot camp?
We always start the day by taking an espresso. Majority of the team are Italians so I am slowly being converted! After that we usually talk about personal stuff, how we are and what’s going on in our lives. Followed by that, we do an all team update from the various departments – management, marketing, sales, IT, content and design. It’s just such a great family we have here and we’re so proud to be able to share our experiences with teams like you at the Generator London.
What has the feedback been about ELLYot so far from businesses who have signed up?
We’ve always kept a close eye on the market and done a lot of validation before launching our project. This not only ensures that the appetite is there, but also means that our testing & learning piece is fully integrated into our project development.
Off the back of this, the feedback on Ellyot has been phenomenal, we're very flattered and humbled by that. The positivity comes from the roots of the product itself, as Ellyot provides a solution that connects the digital world to the real world by being a facilitator and connector of people to venues. Additionally, businesses love Ellyot’s user friendliness and no fuss sign up process, especially as it’s free to list with us. It’s a win-win for both sides of the market and a no-brainer for more venues and users to sign up.
Finally, if you could work in any space in the world where would you choose and why?

Realistically? The beach, I grew up by the ocean in New Zealand so it's a piece of home away from home. 

Unrealistically? In space. I know – such a cliché but I am a true ambassador for Ellyot. Our logo is an astronaut, with our mantra ‘Work everywhere’.

The astronaut is the personification of Ellyot. Through the lense of Ellyot, we view the world as a giant community. Not only do we have the freedom of speech and action, we also have the power to fight for what we believe in.

An astronaut defies gravity, journeys beyond our earth and proves that sky is not the limit. Similarly, the working population of today is the same. 
We are innovators, fearless and courageous to go into the real world to inspire ourselves with whomever and whatever surrounds us, beyond the four walls of a typical office-space, hence work everywhere.

To find out more about ELLYOT or to make a booking scoot over to www.ellyot.com