Concert: Travels & Trunks Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Travels & Trunks

Somewhere between boxing matches, broken hearts, drunken
And sweaty Saturday nights and favorite soundboards, between folk and punk and
Country, there are the songs of Travels & Trunks. Time on solo paths, sometimes with complete band,
The musician from Dortmund has been touring the Clubs, bars, backyards and cellars of the republic and the Bordering foreign countries.
Julius has arrived - initially started as a band, the Thoroughbred musician Solo artist. Numerous successes followed Tours along with friends like STUMFOL, ZEKI MIN and COMPLAINTS, some live recordings
And finally the renewed development to the band.
Now with "Jewelry Stores & Heartaches" his first EP!
This contains six earworms with which Julius and His new band a great balancing act between rock, folk and Country has succeeded!
His unmistakable voice, his authentic style and This rare genre mix makes the songs a real one
Experience - everyone in his own way. live He regularly provides for astonishing faces and open faces
Münder - here grows an extraordinary and rare Artist, hopefully in the future the attention which he deserves.