Concert: The Weaklings Live @Helter Skelter Bar

The Weaklings

Malmö is increasingly developing into a melting pot of alternative rock music from Sweden. For a few years already, it has been GOLDEN KANINE, which is always diligent by the
And have already brought it to a certain publicity. CUB & WOLF, GRANT CREON, BRING THE MOURINING ON, CLUB K, ... are more bands
More or less hang out with GOLDEN KANINE. THE WEAKLINGS, a new band from the
City in southern Sweden, have a direct relationship to GOLDEN KANINE with Per Nordberg. There he has been responsible for the drums since time.
At THE WEAKLINGS he just took the guitar in his hand. Why not?! The result is unpolished rock music. As rugged as the sea on a stormy November day. A touch of country, a lot of dirty Rock'n'Roll, a pinch of punk and the eternal Tom Waits from now and then ... and I have not heard Lemmy? Oh, nonsense, no. I must be wrong. He was not a Swede.