Concert: The Rocketboys Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Certain Circles

For almost a decade, The Rocketboys have been a firm fixture of the music scene in Austin, Texas and have created a loyal fan base after 2 LP's and numerous EP's.
Now they come for the first time as a duo to Germany and bring their new album "Certain Circles".
Their dynamic, almost majestic songs have brought them comparisons to bands such as Arcade Fire, Coldplay and Band of Horses, and took their audience through exciting live shows.
In the USA, they have become more popular with song series in TV series like "Glee" (especially the single "Viva Voce"). But after the success they parted from their label and the band broke apart first.
With "Certain Circles" they process the experience of this time by different groups of people in different directions to be pushed.
They lost their direction and found it with this album again.
"Certain Circles" unites the best of the Rocketboys and is also the most creative album of the band. 10 years of ups and downs compressed to 40 minutes of music.
A new beginning and what a.
The Rocketboys have already been on tour with Twenty One Pilots, The Mowgli's, and Relient K, and have just returned from a tour as a backing band with thriller singer Dustin Kensrue.

“The Best”:
“Viva Voce”:
“I will call you home”:
“You and everyone else”: