Concert: The Electric Coast Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Since 2014, The Electric Coast has been headed by frontman Adam Glosnicki, whose distinctive guitar playing has evolved steadily during his time with Equal Silence and Madam. His vocals combine the sound colors of Kurt Cobain, Bryan Adams and Kelly Jones, sometimes introverted and melancholic, sometimes advancing, demanding, almost snotty.
Glosnicki, drummer Thorsten vom Stein and bassist Andreas Krug are old acquaintances from previous projects and from the Wermelskirchen punk and alternative scene.
Krug's bluesy game, the stones of crisp-tighte beats and the sleep-changing security of the musical dialogue of the three friends, ensure a naturally driving synergistic dynamic in the live performance.

The Electric Coast captivates the audience in the smallest club and manages to maintain this intimate atmosphere on the big stage in front of a large audience. The explosive harmony, which the band radiates live, is the result of longtime affinity and the individual musical imprint.

It could have sounded, B.B.King would have gone on tour together with The Clash. "Bar-Rock" is a striking description of the style of the band. Three passionate musicians with blues in their hearts, musical roots in the early Rock'n'Roll a la Jimi Hendrix, the Punkrock of the 1990s and his successors like the Stereophonics and the Foo Fighters make every song a real pearl. This sound has now been recorded on the Debt album "Warming Quilt" on Boersma Records.

The continuous, long-term development of the three musicians to the present band eventually led to additional professional support. Sparta Booking ensured that The Electric Coast could stand out as a support for Arliss Nancy (USA). Amadis Booking provided a joint stage show with the Fog joggers. This was followed by the production of the first video titled Disagree in collaboration with Ingo Leffin.

The band is clear, uncompromising, and handy. She has found a distinctive style which actually sounds refreshingly new and yet also familiar.

It's time to break into new shores.