Concert: Peace Development Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Peace Development

The reggae / dancehall band from Hannover makes for fat grooves, deep bass and good vibes on stage. Since 2005 the band is active and released the album "Inner Journey" in 2010.
In October 2017, the new album "Better Days" will be released digitally and as a CD. Now the band goes on tour and can be seen in August 2017 in many cities.
To describe the band and their statement here is an extract of the lyrics from the song "WORLDWIDE PEACE"
"We make music against the war, Worldwide Peace this is what we need. We told you and we say again. Peoples of the world lay down the arms. "
Peace Development Crew is for a better world with peace and solidarity between people without arms sales and exploitation. More culture, more love, tolerance, freedom for all!
In Germany and the Netherlands, the band has already played at various festivals / clubs. The crew's music is international and the songs are English, German and Spanish
And ripped.

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