Concert: No Money Kids Live @Helter Skelter Bar

No Money Kids

No convenient shortcuts, no glitzy concepts but real scathing rock music. No Money Kids philosophy is clear : they give no quarter. Shuffle blues, furious guitars and layers of electronic music, lo-fi stage set and vintage aesthetics, the Kids cut into the living flesh in a savage way.
Their gold rush only lasts 3 years. Born out of a studio meeting in 2013, the parisian duo formed by Félix Matschulat (vocals-guitar) and JM Pelatan (bass-machines-samples) don’t mess around
and put out their first EP " Old Man " in March 2014. The electrical duo got into the finals of many springboards (Paris Young Talents, Give Me Five, Solidays/RATP Springboard, Play It Indie...), drew attention of the press andbattled through many gigs and festivals (Blues-sur-Seine, Aurores Montréal, Culture Aux Quais...). 
For their first album "I don't trust you" in October 2015, the band started to work with several professionals such as tour producer Nueva Onda, editor Alter-K and label Roy Music.
With more than 100 concerts, the Kids got older and wiser. 
From now on, it has to be mindblowing, as their new album "Hear the Silence" (March 2017), in which they sketch social misery : modern slavery ("Shot the master"), rebellion ("Loaded Gun"), love ("Take me to your home"), mourning ("Man Down"). Larry Clark’s generation kids. All these rock anthems seduced many music supervisors in France and overseas (Puma, the TV show " Night Shift " and "Bandshee", the movies "Misconduct" with Al Pacino & Anthony Hopkins or "Baby, Baby, Baby!"
with Bradley Cooper & Jessica Alba. The proof that the Kids aren’t always little brats.