Concert: Michael Moravek Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Michael Moravek

Songwriter, singer and guitarist of the Planeausters released his first album under his Name.
"Here are songs of sadness, heartbreak, dreams and LOVE.
A beautiful record by a great writer. "- Steve Wickham (The Waterboys)
Moravek's timeless songs are deeply rooted in folktradition. His stories of seekers, uprooted and
Driven are Roadmovies and Kurzromane at the same time, squeezed in 4 minutes.
The biographical cross-references blur and true stories, movements in snapshots are created. Lyrical songs, which can be heard, were recorded in cold Chicago nights.
Moravek wrote and recorded almost 20 songs for his work, mainly in the Grammy-crowned Joyride studio in Chicago.
There are 11 songs on the album IN TRANSIT (IS WHAT WE ARE) (Popup Records / Cargo).
He is accompanied on the mostly transmittently instrumented recordings, among other things by the US-American Band The Great Crusades, the Chicago jazz drummer Stephen Wright (Mary J. Blige, The Dixie Chicks) and the Irish singer Steve Wickham (Sinéad O'Connor, U2 or Elvis Costello), who is a member of the legendary Waterboys and has written Liner Notes for Moravek's album.
IN TRANSIT (IS WHAT WE ARE) is released as a CD (Digi-Sleeve), as a limited vinyl LP (including album download and bonus Tracks) and as a digital album.