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Lewis Fieldhouse

In the search for the roots of his own idols, the British singer-songwriter Lewis Fieldhouse puts 2013 in the warm sun of California, where he has to continually encounter new problems. Quite defeated by the setbacks and lack of success, Fieldhouse falls into a deep depression and is shortly before the artist's existence to give up.
But with a little trick, Fieldhouse crosses his own barriers: he invents the fictional person Theodor Washington to be able to process his fear and frustration from a more romantic point of view and begins to write songs about his experiences from the perspective of Theodor - with remarkable
"One of the most exciting singer-songwriters in London at the moment" - it's all indie "Theodor Washington and the Central Valley" tells the story of an artistic innovation
And deals with the often melancholic themes with a much more positive attitude and view, which can also be clearly heard in the songs. Lyrics and music are often in direct contrast with each other on the album, and so the song "Naked Psycopathic Blues" also sounds cheerful and fresh, even though it is by a
Emotionally abusing narcissists.
On "Theodor Washington and the Central Valley", Lewis Fieldhouse presents an exciting mix of Americana typical songwriting, full of hymnic refrain and emotional ballads. The fundamentally vivacious effect of the music of Lewis Fieldhouse stands out - danceable and lively
Sparks the music in a good mood and nevertheless manages to touch it emotionally.

"Wonderful ... skilfully constructed" The 405
Lewis Fieldhouse [UK]
"Theodor Washington and the Central Valley"
Album release 02.06.2017
Label: popup-records
Distribution: Soulfood

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