Concert: Lapodena Live @Helter Skelter Bar

We are sitting on the Hollywood swing. Otherwise silence. We understand each other without words, we know that. You know me longer than any other person and also better. We often say we are like twins and sometimes I believe that too. Although we are four years apart, we are ever since we are older on a wavelength, as one says so beautifully. The wave is mostly music. She slowly builds up, bangs up, and then comes the intoxication. The intoxication of music that carries us far from this world. To some place that only we can understand. Far from worries and fears that we carry anywhere in us. We leave them at the beach and go swimming. In the beauty of music. We swim until we see the shore no longer. We know it exists but at least for a few hours we can pretend it is not so important. The world looks different from the water. More peaceful. Bearable. It's not like we did not want to be part of it, we just can not. Some say we are broken, but sometimes I wonder if the others are not broken. To contend with a lie against which we are still struggling. I hope that we will never stop.