Concert: Jann Tholen & Band Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Jann Tholen & Band

In times when more and more music comes out of the box, one longs for more music. Jann Tholen makes more music. Music with more emotion, more soul and more melody.

In image and sound, the Wahl-Dortmunder, with his solo debut "All About You", tells the haunting story of the first great youthful love and the uncertainty surrounding her. Sophisticated indie piano pop becomes the soundtrack of a moving journey through light and dark, through the dreams and fears of generation Y. From the beginning to the end and the end to the beginning of love.

For this, Jann is looking for his own niche, a retreat to which his piano always brings him when he is a bit too far out: somewhere between the feeling of Damien Rice or Ron Sexsmith and the playfulness of Ben Folds in his melodious moments He creates indie rock with pop appeal, but always plays with piano harmonies, quiet pranks and quiet outros.

Text and accompaniment are strongly aligned. "All About You" is emotional, but kitschfreie music without noise and Larmoyanz. And without routine. In the positive sense.

When Jann's gentle voice makes for inner peace or the piano paints peaceful, naive landscapes, it surrounds an "All About You" like a warm, soft winter jacket. But as soon as it gets really cozy, one stands from one second to the other in the T-shirt on the summer meadow. The clouds are breaking and you are blinking in the glaring pop sun.