Concert: Drebe Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Melancholic-optimistic and imaginative are his lyrics, melodious and playful is the accompanying music. The songs are supported by a warm and soulful voice.
On his first album "Noodles with Spinach in Cheese Sauce", Drebe shows his entire musical spectrum: from acoustic sounds to rock to electro - everything fits naturally into one another without putting on a set. This sounds like a cacophony of upscale taste, like a fourpipe on the ears. So if not now when then, because otherwise 1,2,3 last chance over!


"In summary, you can justifiably claim that he presents us a successful debut album and I am absolutely sure that you will hear a lot from him!"
- Pretty in Noise - Home is where the noise is

"Minimalist but touching."

"A plate for a slow late afternoon, with the sun glistening through the windows of the apartment, and maybe noodles with spinach in a cheese sauce."

"The record is great, reveries, melancholy, and lyrics that are in it, sounds like a mixture of Gisbert to Knyphausen and Nils Frevert.
- Music with heart