Concert: Dead Lovers Live @Helter Skelter Bar

If The Dead Lovers were a movie, they would be the road movie.
Their authentic sound is melodious choral hymns that lie over dirty-pounding blues riffs mixed with a pinch of folk. He is a reminiscence of handmade indie rock with a nuance Americana - rousing and irresistible.

The core and creative motor of the band, as well as charismatic front duo on stage, are Lula and Wayne Jackson. Through appearances across Germany or as a Support Act u.a. They have already made a name for Charles Bradley, Imelda May, The Baseballs and Roger Hodgson.

Wayne, a native of Manchester, won cult status with his first band The Dostoyevskeys in the 90s, when they played Oasis as a backing band, shortly before their release and the highlight of the Britpop Hypes. Wayne moved to Berlin, published two solo albums, and wrote and sang with Paul van Dyk the song "The Other Side", which landed on the charts all over the world. For the co-production of the first two solo albums of Bela B, he won a gold record and enriched his live band Los Helmstedt as guitarist.

Lula's roots can be found in a small village in Bavaria, from where she embarked on an impressive and varied path. Today she works successfully as a singer, songwriter and photographer in Berlin. A duet with Lee Hazlewood on his last album shortly before his death and his long-term collaboration with Bela B and others. As a co-writer and singer, are just a few of the highlights that characterize her as a creative musician and inspiring maker.

In the summer of 2016, The Dead Lovers made the logical impact of their love for the vintage sound and again traveled to San Diego in the extraordinary Lost Ark studio, where they had already recorded their first album. For a few weeks it was a fusion with the local creative environment, but especially with a fund of extraordinary and rare amps, guitars and effect devices of the 50s, 60s and 70s. //