Concert: Darjeeling Live @Helter Skelter Bar


Full of intricate songwriting, harmonious vocals and massive arrangements, Darjeeling are half heirs of the Krautrock of the 70s, half Boygroup, half Indie-Psychedelia. On the stage partly ecstatic, partly almost poppy, but always to the point and with a middle finger towards the mainstream, the three boys inspire above all as an excellent live band without compromise. Halling vocals, deluxe guitars shot by flangers and tremolo, the driving rhythm section and a cheap Italian organ round off the unconventional overall picture.
Darjeeling stand in the tradition of old as well as actual sizes of rock history, without however ever to copy or old-time song structures to expire.
Post-Kraut - that's how the guys call their genre, and thus describe everything that makes up your music. In this case, this means: A bunch of first-class songs and music, which is no longer out of your head.

Video: << Little Weapon >>