Confused entertainment with stringed instruments, percussion and singing

They had some time, the train was gone, the next one would not come in two weeks. You could have done something different, sure. The three singer / songwriters Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo and Thomas Martin decided to drop a project from the sky, which surpassed in their irrational and spiritual grandeur, the surprise and shameless charm of his Same would look for. The daring idea of ​​joining the artistic work of the three on a stage is, of course, all that has been done so far. But the thought of the instrumentation; Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, cajon, banjo, sanifario, harmonica and percussion, as well as brass blowing in Kazoo form and, of course, the most fabolous choral songs drive the tears into the eyes with a thunderbolt and fiery flashes Idea diffuse ...
In January 2015, the project Carlini, Dodo Leo & Martin was conceived for a single evening, and still ran under the codename Frosty, Pils & Trash. However, it was somehow out of control, one must not have watched for a moment and now, as the orbitane squadron of the daring entertainment has long penetrated into distant galaxies, you will not be able to stop it, it is too late. But what happened there was no coincidence, it did not happen overnight, oh no! It indicated, yes, the signs were clear and hardly to be overlooked: Already in the first rehearsal, one decided unasked to let the one evening even one, perhaps even two evenings to follow. An act, which can safely be classified as sneaky and scornful, could not prevent anyone from interfering. But then, when the first concerts were held and the respective audience could not get enough with enthusiasm and ecstasy so that concerts followed on concerts, the band was constantly on the road, and every audience full of passion and passion hungered for more frenetically Trumped himself, surrendering to his frenzied drunkenness, it became clearer and clearer; A common album had to come. So in the autumn they retreated to follow these grandiose ideas. And so it was that in March 2016 the album A Night At The Club appeared, the highly praised and joyfully anticipated debut. Many other prizes followed, including the 14th place at the 3-bobsleigh World Championship in Oberhasli, and in the following July they went on a 12-day tour of Germany with a trip to the Czech Republic. But not only were they limited to live performances for the salvation of mankind, but also video clips were made for songs from A Night At The Club! Yes, indeed, those who have not washed!
And the fact that the 12 concerts of this tour were recorded to make a second, a live album, speaks for the energy and the astuteness of this illustrious and extremely funny, comely comedy. The publication date for this second work is planned for the spring of 2017, and the planning for the accompanying tour in May already starts from high tours. And it all started quite harmless.

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