Concert: Benjamin Folke Thomas & Dave Burn Live @Helter Skelter Bar

Benjamin Folke Thomas & Dave Burn

Since his appearance at the Fairport Convention Cropredy Festival as well as the Americana Fest in Nashville 2014 and the support of Bob Harris (BBC), Benjamin Folke Thomas is a firm fixture in the European American scene. Only 27 years old, his third studio album was released this year and received exhilarating reviews.
Benjamin Folke Thomas is an incredibly versatile and ingenious songwriter who went from Sweden to England to do American music there. His music combines elements of blues, country and alternative folk. His voice is characterized by a warm baritone and is much older than he is. Likewise, his albums and the subjects he is processing are far ahead of his tender age of mid-twentieth.
With the frontman of the old country band ahab, Dave Burn, Benjamin Folke Thomas brings a well-known musician, singer and songwriter from the UK, who, with his accompaniment to guitar and mandolin as well as his second voice, is the perfect addition to Ben's music Performance.
The two guarantee best entertainment, fantastic fingerpicking on the guitar and a great wealth of beautiful, sad and exciting songs.
Here is a completely new shot of the two:
Dave Burn solo: