Concert: Aaden Support: Kassiopeia Live @Helter Skelter Bar


Behind this name hides the Mainz songwriter
Patrick Beiling. With his self-made telephone, a "Uralt Walkman", who replaced his busy drummer and his mandolin, disguised as a birthday present, he has been on tour since 2012. Always with a new story on offer, why he is now solo solo and does not appear with his eight-headed band. According to him, there is only when there is no outdoor season. Notable is the flexibility,
Which Beiling shows during the compilation of AADEN. Whether you're on a full band, with a string trio, a duo, or a one-man show with a loop station and sweeping loops, you can live your songs live.
His charming, confused personality, the funny and intimate anecdotes from the songwriter's life, and the beautiful melodies, which hang long after the first hearing, are characteristic of the concerts of AADEN.



Was created in Krefeld in 2008 as a musical project that brought the texts and songs of the Egyptian singer and pianist Lina Farah to the stage. After some gigs in the region, Kassiopeia opened in 2010 the eggs with bacon festival,
Followed by an extensive tour in the ensuing two years.
At the beginning of 2012 the group withdrew to work on their debut album 'Cyclone'. From this creative phase, a three-year-long pause emerged, in which the band reinvented and defined itself. The effort to put art in the foreground led to the decision not to spread the music as a band, but in variable constellations consisting of several persons or even one.
S T I L & S O U N D
The focus is on Lina's singing voice, which is sometimes timid and frail, sometimes angry and combative through the daring arrangements. The extraordinary harmonic sequences lead to numerous in combination with melody and text
Surprise moments and unexpected turns.
The Orient blends with the occident while soul and progressive rock music lie in the arm and the time
Loses any meaning.
Kassiopeia is a lot and at the same time unmistakably unique.