19:28 Tattoo Club Berlin


So, you're in Berlin, you're inspired by the art, by the history, by the creativity and the buzz that this city offers. You need to remember it somehow. YOU NEED A TATTOO:

Kupfer Bar and 19:28 Tattoo Club are collaborating to bring you the best tattoo money can buy right here in our bar every Tuesday.

19:28 refers to the old Testament Passage in which Leviticus says "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, or print marks upon you: I am Lord" So....obviously...we're all going to hell once we sign up for this on Tuesday!

Your resident artist will be Barbara Pavlova who was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and is inspired by the city and her home country. Barbara takes the beauty of the Venezuelan beaches and Jungles and throws that against the corruption and crime of Caracas, one of the most dangerous cities on Earth. She also draws other inspiration from Picasso, Dali, Joy Division, Matisse, Albrech Dührer and Russian criminal tattoos.

For more info search facebook and instagram for "19:28 tattoo club berlin"

So what are you waiting for, see you on Tuesday.