Adidas and Euro 2016 at Generator Paris this Friday


To celebrate the start of Euro '16, Adidas is coming to Generator Paris to get some running done before the France/Romania match!

In a bid to get us all properly pumped for the tournament, Adidas going to get everyone running before Friday's game. If you're game, come meet us at Gen Paris at 6pm, and along with the Adidas Runners, we'll race around one of three (5k/8k or 10k) courses, taking in the sights of Belleville, Jaures and République while endorphins course through our bodies, so that by the time the match kicks off at 9pm, we'll be crying tears of patriotic joy whether we're French or not!

After the match you'll be able to either celebrate or commiserate with LaGo, a French rapper who also happens to be integral to the Adidas Runners Team. She's great, check her out:


After LaGo, our ol' pal Blkkout is playing until 2am, it's gonna be a great night, folks.

We all know how fantastic a beer tastes after a run, but a beer after a run during the first match of Euro '16 in the capital of the country where the tournament is taking place and where they're one of the teams playing? That's gotta be one of the best tasting beers ever.