See How Stephen Shore's Photography Elevates The Banal

If something seems derivative about Stephen Shore’s work...’s only because his influence on photography has been so foundational. All photography, especially colourised images of the United States, bear his hallmark. The American photographer is known for elevating the banal – motels, roads, gas stations – into the magical. The everyday becomes the stuff of dreams.

Room 125, Westbank Motel, Idaho Falls, July 18 1973. From the series "Uncommon Places" © Stephen Shore

Just as the arrival of the car transformed our relationship to nature – framing it, at high speed, through a window – Shore’s work has transformed our relationship to the image. As the notes to his only German retrospective, Stephen Shore. Retrospective at C/O Berlin, state: he wants to create photos that “feel like seeing”. In other words, he wants a photography that erases the photographer. 

Trail's End Restaurant, Kanab, Utah, August 10, 1973. From the series "Uncommon Places". © Stephen Shore

Head to C/O Berlin to see 300 of Shore’s pictures, some of which have never been published.

'Stephen Shore. Retrospective' runs until 22 May 2016 at C/O Berlin. To get there from Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, take the S42 from Landsberger Allee then the U9 to Zoologischer Garten. To get there from Generator Berlin Mitte, take the S1 from S. Oranienburger Str. then the S75 from Berlin Friderichstase station.