At Generator Hostels we are obsessed in delivering outstanding service through a personal touch.
As a Generator Chef, you are responsible for ensuring that the kitchen and F&B areas are run smoothly ensuring and that there is a relentless desire to “wow” our customers at every opportunity, ensuring that customer’s needs are exceeded.

Responsible to:           Operations Manager/Assistant F&B Manager
Responsible for:          Kitchen and all Food Outlets

Duties and Responsibilities

Customer Service:      
  • To provide excellent customer service, making sure every single guest is happy with kitchen services and securing a high revenue/profit from sales.
  • In conjunction with the Head Office and Operations Manager/Assistant F&B Manager, ensure a varied menu of food is targeted at guests and the public reflecting the time of day and local trends.
  • To ensure that F&B is meeting forecast targets, prepare monthly menus and present to management for approval.
  • In order to provide great service make sure daily specials are prepared according to the planned monthly menu.
  • Prepare special menus on request for groups/parties.
  • Ensure all guest seating areas are available and clean for the consumption of food.
  • Ensure good advertising of F&B is placed strategically to encourage guests to buy food.
  • Make sure all food is appealing to guests and special party meal plans are being followed.
  • To ensure that guests and the public know about all food and beverage offers.
  • To respond quickly and efficiently to ensure trays, plates, bowls and cutlery are clean and ready to use for service and the service area is curated
  • Create exciting, innovative food & beverage offerings appropriate to the guest community and ensuring that local elements are included. 
 Kitchen Productivity:
  • To ensure that there is enough food to serve until the kitchen closes and ensure that the café has enough stock at all times. 
  • Check group bookings to prepare packed lunches/breakfasts. These should be planned in advance.  
Quality/Cost Control:
  • Monitor and track the consumption of food to determine lines that sell and those that need to be changed.
  • Monitor cost of sales adjusting appropriately to secure margins.
  • Ensure sufficient stocks to satisfy guest requests without creating large quantities of waste.
  • To be proud in preparing quality food with passion, to ensure all dishes are tasted and ready for consumption.
 Kitchen Hygiene/Cleaning:
  • Make sure kitchen utensils and food storage is organised, clean and that hygiene standards are met.
  • Make sure kitchen records are always ready and up to date such as temperature record, cleaning record etc.
  • Ensure cleaning of the kitchen floor, walls, hot cabinet and all the machinery used in the kitchen is completed and kept to a high standard of hygiene.
  • To comply with all the company policies which includes fire training, health & safety and food hygiene. All issues or queries should immediately be referred to the direct line manager.
  • Ensure all staff reporting undertake mandatory and other regular training to maintain standards.
  • To ensure that high standards of work are being achieved, thereby making sure customer satisfaction and cleanliness meets KPI targets.  Maintain these standards and ensure all staff are re-trained where necessary, particularly when new policies or ideas are introduced.
  • Make sure porters have cleaned the tables and organised chairs in all F&B outlets.
  • To ensure kitchen is kept at a high standard of cleanliness and quality.  Ensure food is always served hot or chilled enough where applicable and that food is well presented.
  • Ensure all outlets and kitchen comply with relevant health & safety, and food hygiene regulations
  • Attend all meetings when required.
  • Communicate with the team leaders or managers should any issues arise within the department.
  • Have a flexible attitude towards working hours and eagerly perform all duties applicable to Generator.
  • Ensure that all necessary checklists, forms and spread sheets have been completed and delivered on time.
 Knowledge and Experience:
  • Have suitable kitchen/cooking experience (minimum 3 years) qualified