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Darth Vader’s paradise and Amy’s pub

Who wouldn’t love Camden, Bohemian vibe, funky people, freaking awesome food and the place with London’s best pubs?!

Fran (work colleague and friend) and I decided it’s about time we head out and explore more of Camden, and what a great day we chose to go. At the Tube Station we got shouted at by busker due to the fact that we didn’t have any coins to give him and I got pooed on by a bird, so for the first half an hour we were looking for a toilet. Not really a great start to the day as you can imagine. A little tip for the music fans, have a few pennies to spare for the musicians on tubes!

But guys… don’t get put off by the fact that we had a challenging start. The day turned out to be pretty fab in the end. Walking through the markets in Camden will put anyone back on track and in a good mood. I found some great bargains and bought two watches, a pair of sunglasses and a cap all for just £30! Fran bought both glasses and a hat for a cheap 15 quid.

There are heaps of jewellery stalls, food stalls and trendy sixties chic stalls to mingle through. I was lost in seconds and did not want to leave – I could have spent the whole day browsing through bargains, but sooner or later the purse says stop. My highlight of the day was Cyberdog (a really cool rave shop) where I found my cap. Anything from neon tutus to hard-core leather outfits can be found. A true techno-tastic shop from the future.

Camden Lock attracts thousands of locals and tourists every year... winter or summer.

The people in Camden are really friendly, a good mix of both tourists and locals. I’m half Swedish, half Finnish and I met so many people from back home as well. The locals are always there with a helpful hand to give out tips of where to eat and drink. We even met Darth Vader who livened up our day.

The smoothness of Camden is that you will not get bored. The houses have all funky décor that usually resembles what the shop sells and much of the food is to die for. Fran and I decided to try out the Chinese food stall by the Stables Market and the food was mouth-watering – chilli noodles with chicken. If you decide to go, try it. Four Pounds for a lovely plate of food. After good food, we decided a nice cold drink was required and since we were in Camden, best option was one of the many hip pubs.

Bar Fly is a five minute walk from the market and it’s a place you cannot miss. The outside wall is painted with a huge Jack Daniel’s Bottle against an orange background. A pint of cold beer for £6 and lovely bar staff was a good start to the evening. We only had one pint though as we wanted to head to The Hawley Arms which is also known as the local pub of the late Amy Winehouse. A pint of beer and a table upstairs by the terrace was all we needed. The sun was shining, we had good company and some great tunes were played. We spent the whole evening here and had an wild time. The rest of the night can’t be revealed – you’ll have to sample Camden for yourself

Written by Hannah Hintikka and Francesca Turner

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Generator Darth Vader’s paradise and Amy’s pub

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