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How to Make New Friends in Europe

 It can be daunting to set out on your adventure by yourself. But it can also be rewarding. Travelling solo can throw up some tricky problems, not least of which is having anyone to talk to or party with!

For some people making friends comes naturally, like breathing. But if you need a helping hand here are some top tips on how to make new friends in Europe:

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Don’t stay in the dorm

Generator is much more than just a hostel. If you pop in to the bar or lounge there is always someone on hand to chat or have a drink with. There are, in fact, loads of other people who travel by themselves and many are looking to hook up with a fellow traveller for some fun or a shared cultural experience, you just have to make the first move.

Use the camera

One of the biggest parts of your trip is likely to be taking photos of the amazing sights. But what if you want to be in the picture with the Little Mermaid or St Mark’s Basilica? No problem, simply ask someone to take a photo of you. It is a good idea to pick someone who also looks like they are taking photos as they are less likely to run off with your camera! But this is a great way to start a conversation especially if you offer to take a photo of them as well.

Learn your lines

If you happen to be one of life’s shrinking violets making the first move can seem scary. But why not do some prep beforehand? Of course, it does hugely depend on the situation but classic lines like “do you like this band?” and “have you seen the Picasso (substitute suitable artist’s name here) exhibition?” will at least get you talking. Don’t worry too much about feeling foolish because even if the conversation goes completely bad you are never going to see that person again – and it will make for an amusing story once you get back home.

Try a prop

As many comedians will tell you there is nothing better than having a prop to start the conversation. Pick yourself up a funny hat, a laser pointer or something equally as quirky. It is amazing how many people will just come up to you and ask a question about your chosen item of silliness.

Be a Good Samaritan

Sounds weird, but it is really simple. Ever been in a club so loud you thought your ears were melting? Try ear plugs, have a few new pairs in your pockets to hand out to people who look like they could do with the volume turned down a shade and you will be a hero. Help people with directions, even if you are a visitor yourself just look it up on your phone and people will be grateful. Maybe not eternally but you might get a drink out of it or a new friend.

And whatever you do remember that the best way to make a friend is to start with a smile!



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