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#REGENERATE14 | Generator Copenhagen


Generator and The Lab Magazine present #REGENERATE14 Copenhagen

#REGENERATE14 will challenge a set of artists and musicians curated by The Lab Magazine to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience considering the concept of ‘shared spaces’ – how we live and work alongside each other.

Happening across 2 days with daytime and nighttime occasions: art, interactive installations, live music, collaborator workshops, pop up gigs, themed rooms, food, drinks, rooftop terraces, soundscapes and good people.


A weekend of live art, music & performance

Installations by:



Music by:

Dj Christian d’Or (DJ set) | Esben Weile Kjær (DJ set) | Broke (Live Band) | DJ Andreas B. (DJ set)

Shiny Darkly (Live Band) | Darkness Falls (Live Band) | Kenton Slash Demon (DJ set)

Lorcan Mak

This summer, we’re challenging a set of creative minds selected by The Lab Magazine to curate a one-of-a-kind collaborative experience around the theme of social sustainability. Each artist has been assigned a space at one of our properties in Berlin Mitte (17-20 July) and Copenhagen (8-10 August). After Berlin’s success, we’re looking forward to taking #REGENERATE14 to Copenhagen where the property will be transformed for one weekend only with these artists’ work; bringing together Generator guests, the cities young art aficionados and locals to experience interactive art, live music, themed rooms, art creation, pop-up shops and much more.


Stay tuned for more info, but for now meet the artists below and keep up to date with #Regenerate14 on tumblr.

Meet the artists – Copenhagen

David Ogle


David Ogle is a light installation artist based out of Liverpool, England.

His installation filled the space with glowing geometric forms that lit up in response to guests’ movements around the environment. At the centre of the work was be a large illuminated sphere that seemed to emit the other shapes. The space was illuminated using LED ultraviolet lighting activated by PIR (passive infrared) sensors that only illuminate when the movement of a visitor is detected.



Obscura creates light and video installations for concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events as well as their own creative projects. At Generator Copenhagen Obscura will build an interactive LED light installation. Using four connected harnesses the viewers will be given the ability to transform the sculpture into over two hundred different light combinations.


Shiny Darkly

Website | Twitter 

The atmosphere is raw, dark and vibrating and the songs often deal with the gloominess that is buried in the young human heart. It is white-dark noise pop wrapped in a simple lo-fi form. The inspiration can be seen in the late psyched 60s and the early/late black 80s. With a clattering spaceguitar, a riding bass, a dirty beat and a dark/strident vocal, Shiny Darkly is a band that wants to embrace you with noise and love.

Beka Hoop

Website  | TwitterGet to know Beka

Rebecca Halls is a hoop dancer performer, gyrotonic trainer and yoga teacher based in Berlin,Germany. Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, she has danced her way from Montreal over to Berlin to initiate the international education and collaboration platform Hoopurbia. Rebecca will be performing live using her (first ever in the world) laser hoop in collaboration with Lacy Barry and Tatsuru who will be designing her set production.


Lacy Barry

Website | Twitter

Lacy Barry is an artist working in a range of mediums, on various kinds of projects. She is described as a multi-dimensional & multi-platform, working currently in paper and graphic murals. She uses a variation of tactile materials & graphics to formulate environments that are imbued with her personal aesthetic. Her artwork has been applied to work for retail window display, live installations, video projects, commercials, web & print media, venues, wallpaper, fashion and goods. Lacy will be creating the set design for performer Beka Hoop at #Regenerate14.

Darkness Falls

Website | Twitter

Darkness Falls are a rock duo formed in 2009, consisting of Josephine Philip, vocals and keyboard, and Ina Lindgreen on bass & guitar. Darkness Falls create a dramatic atmospheric sound combining distorted twang guitars, haunting synths, gritty drums and striking vocals. Pop allure turns into noise only to revert back into harmony. Enticing lyrics collide with a drone like base, romance crashes into reality and hope and regret are equal on the scale. The tempo shifts, from sorrow to action, the girls are at the wheel and there is no rest for the wicked. Darkness Falls will be performing at #Regenerate14 on Saturday, August 9, 2014 from 00:30

Iris Deppe


Born and raised on St. Maarten, a small island in the Caribbean. Moved to the Netherlands in 2002 where I rediscovered my love for drawing and art. Got my bachelor’s degree in Illustration and the rest is history. At #Regenerate14 Iris will be painting live at the hostel



Tatsuru is a Japanese composer, sound graphics programmer, and projection mapper. At #Regenerate14 Tatsuru will bring his interactive projection mapping installation which enables the guests to “play” with their own shadow.

Jakob Kvist


Jakob Kvist is a light installation and stage designer based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Jakob will transform Generator Copenhagen using a light mapping system throughout the entire location as a guiding pathway for the guests of #Regenerate14.


Lauren Lemon

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Website

Lauren Lemon is a portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Lauren hosted “insta-meets” with fellow Copenhagen instagrammers and invited the Instagram community to use the Generator space as their visual playground for the duration of the event.


Instagram  | Twitter | Website

Berlinstagram, aka Michael Schulz, is a Berlin based photographer that works exclusively with an iphone camera. His Instagram account, “Berlinstagram”, has over 300,000 followers world wide. Michael hosted “insta-meets” with fellow instgrammers and invited the Copenhagen Instagram community to join him at Generator using the space as a visual playground for their photography.

Jeremy Power Regimbal

Website | Twitter 

Jeremy is a film, commercial and music video director, magazine publisher & editor in chief, and the co-founder of The Lab Media Group. The Lab currently consists of film and TV production arms, an international print magazine, and a thriving online culture hub at At #Regenerate14 Jeremy will be unveiling a projection installation project titled “Baby Elephant”.


This is what #REGENERATE14 brought to Berlin…


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