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#REGENERATE14 | Generator Berlin

This summer, we’re challenging a set of creative minds selected by The Lab Magazine to curate a one-of-a-kind collaborative experience around the theme of social sustainability. Each artist has been assigned a space at one of our properties in Berlin Mitte (17-20 July) and Copenhagen (8-10 August). After Berlin’s success, we’re looking forward to taking #REGENERATE14 to Copenhagen where the property will be transformed for one weekend only with these artists’ work; bringing together Generator guests, the cities young art aficionados and locals to experience interactive art, live music, themed rooms, art creation, pop-up shops and much more.



Stay tuned for more info, but for now meet the artists below and keep up to date with #Regenerate14 on tumblr.

This is what #REGENERATE14 brought to Berlin…

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Meet the Artists – Berlin


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MASER Maser is a multi-media artist hailing from Dublin, Ireland specializing in large scale installation. At Generator Berlin Mitte, Maser built a one-of-a-kind “living area” studio set using found objects that he painted in his signature striped pattern. Guests were encouraged to socialize inside the area, take photographs, and submerge themselves in a world of colour and optical illusion.

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David Ogle


David Ogle is a light installation artist based out of Liverpool, England.

His installation filled the space with glowing geometric forms that lit up in response to guests’ movements around the environment. At the centre of the work was be a large illuminated sphere that seemed to emit the other shapes. The space was illuminated using LED ultraviolet lighting activated by PIR (passive infrared) sensors that only illuminate when the movement of a visitor is detected.

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Lauren Lemon

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Lauren Lemon is a portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Lauren hosted “insta-meets” with fellow Berlin instagrammers and invited the Instagram community to use the Generator space as their visual playground for the duration of the event.


Fanette Guilloud

Website - Get to know Fanette

Fanette Guilloud is a French painter specializing in impossible geometric shapes. She currently resides in Paris and Berlin. Fanette created three anamorphosis paintings throughout the Generator location using the dimensions of the space. Each piece allowed guests to physically intersect the artwork thus becoming a part of the impossible geometry.



Instagram  | Twitter | Website

Berlinstagram, aka Michael Schulz, is a Berlin based photographer that works exclusively with an iphone camera. His Instagram account, “Berlinstagram”, has over 300,000 followers world wide. Michael hosted “insta-meets” with fellow instgrammers and invited the Berlin Instagram community to join him at Generator in using the space as a visual playground for their photography.


Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz

Website - Get to know Juan

Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz is a painter and performance artist based out of Berlin, Germany. His concept saw him occupy a space for three days at Generator Berlin Mitte with a varied program that consisted of inviting his friends from Berlinartists, cooks, barmen, musicians, poets, street artists, and dancers to explore the definition of “home”. Each person brought their own idea in the form of an object or a picture or a song or a dance. Juan created a mural and every day he received his friends in this space. 

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Kasper Bjorke

Soundcloud | Twitter  | Facebook | Website

Kasper Bjørke is a Danish DJ, record producer and remixer from Copenhagen. He performed an exclusive one night only show at Generator Berlin Mitte.


Jeanne Briand

Facebook Website

Jeanne Briand is a mixed media and performance artist hailing from Paris, France. As a foreigner she is interested in the concept of “streaming culture” as that is the only connection that she has with her country and family; through the act of streaming video as time and space become a controlled and fictional reality. With this concept in mind Jeanne created an immersive video installation that consisted of multiple video channels projected on different white painted wood panels modifying the actual space of the room.


Winston Chmielinki

Website - Get to know Winston

Winston Chmielinski is a painter based out of Berlin. Winston created juxtaposed paintings with recorded dialogue, scrolling text, and looped video to result in a sort of Venn diagram of conversation, at times humorous and at other moments gravely profound: the intersection point is where the viewers came together to assemble their own narrative out of it.

Klub 7


KLUB7 is an artist collective representing a fresh, handcrafted style bringing urban and indoor landscapes to life. Their trademark style ranges from illustration to typography and from handcrafted to editorial. They create murals and illustrations in a collaborative group performance, always interacting with each other’s skills.

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