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Palio di Feltre

Venice City Events Aug
2nd - 4th August City wide

A big dose of history and culture to start with this August; the Palio di Feltre is an historic re-enactment of the dedication of the town of Feltre to the Republic of Venice in 1404. Located a couple of hours drive north of Venice in the foothills of the Dolomites you will get stunning views of the area from everywhere. The tradition says that the Mayor hands over 15 ducats to renew their protection by and loyalty to Venice. The medieval themed festival transforms this normally sleepy mountain town into one huge, lively party. As well as a parade and mock battles there are competitive sports like the shooting of the rings, a tug of war and horse races. If you are a lover of a bit of historic pomp and circumstance then it is well worth making the trip out to this little town.

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