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Carnival Masked Ball in collaboration with A Curious Invitation

Masked Ball at Generator Venice
9pm-2.00am Generator Venice

Suzette Field in association with Generator Hostels wishes to extend to you a curious invitation to voyage to Venice and join her at Un Balla in Maschera (A Masked Ball) to celebrate the end of the legendary Carnevale di Venezia.

For centuries immemorial Venice has been home to the most delicious and decadent of celebrations, The Venice Carnival, where the Venetians and any infiltrating outsiders don gilded masks and capes and roam the streets, piazzas and bridges of the Serenissima Repubblica to indulge in every conceivable impulsive urge and fantastical whim, secreted behind porcelain anonymity.

Special room and ticket combination available. Tickets and more information available from:

Generator, Venice

The setting of our Carnival Masquerade is to be Generator Hostel, a boutique pensione from the designer of the Toronto Soho House, which stands on the island of Giudecca, looking across the vaporetto-bobbing waters to the San Marco Piazza.

Making The Mask.

The mask – be it a columbina, a bauta or a medico della peste – is an iconic attribute of the Carnevale di Venezia. The wearing of masks was banned many times over the centuries for the lewdness and subversion it might facilitate, but the craft of making them has not been lost. On the evening of the ball, we invite those of you of a creative bent to join them in their workshop where you will use a variety of media, from papier-mâché to lace and resin, to craft your facial adornment for the evening’s revelry.

The Masked Feast.

Our beauteous and nubile ragazzi and ragazze will disport themselves in auric splendour, like exotic fruit caressed by the hand of King Midas, upon a table groaning under a banquet of cheese, sweets and other delectable delicacies.

Immersive Theatre

And what more fitting addition could there be to a frolic in a city which is slowly immersing itself into the Adriatic than Laura Drake Chambers and her company who will be treating you to a fully immersive theatrical experience.

Life Drawing: Casanova’s Art of Love.

A series of tableaux will be recreated to titillate and inspire your artistic senses, bringing to life all the indulgent voluptuousness of the era of Venice’s most notorious son, Giacoma Casanova.

The Ballroom

DJ Troylus Searll will awaken memories of Venice’s time spent under the Austro-Hungarian yoke and that culture’s most potent cultural export: the lewd and shameless whirligig of physical intimacy and ecstasy known as the waltz.

Penny Metal will then lead you on a short musical crossing of the Adriatic for a raucous blend of Balkan dance music: the horo, the kolo, and the polka, with the occasional excursion into klezmer, Russian ska and Ukrainian disco.

Finally Louise XIV will take to the decks and remind us that the Carnevale di Venezia was only formally reinstated in 1979, by spinning a selection of pop tunes from that era and onwards.

The Cabaret Stage

Hot off the Orient Express will be a troupe of cabaret entertainers from London to further enhance your masked merriment.

Le Pustra. “Vaudeville’s Darkest Muse” based on Commedia dell’Arte’s Pierrot, spiced up from sorrow by injections of opera, kabuki, and German kabarett.

Moorita. London’s Tsarina of provocative cabaret. Charismatic, erudite and slightly bonkers, blurring the boundaries of artistic genres.

Lilly May Farling. Touch is the most divine sense of Eros. With her roaming theatre, Lily cracks more than her knuckles with a finger strip tease.

Early bird tickets €35 

 Masked Ball at generator venice


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