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Spring –Dom Hamburg

Spring –Dom Hamburg
15.00 - 00.00 Heiligengeistfeld

Who says fun fairs are just for children? Not us! We love the amazing atmosphere at Hamburg’s famous Dom. The field will be packed with happy people and you will be amazed at the friendly and fun feel of the place even late at night.

Every Friday night at 10.30pm there is a huge firework display which can be seen from most of the city and is one of the main attractions. The park is huge and you can expect it take a couple of hours to walk around – longer if you go on some of the rides.

There are always a few new rides which give the fair a fresh feel. However, some of the classics really should be on your tick list, like the 50 foot Ferris wheel, and the Olympic roller-coaster, which has 5 loops.

The fair opens mid afternoon every day and stays open until late at night so you will have a different experience whenever you go. And don’t worry about food as there is everything to choose from, whether you are looking for a tasty snack like roasted almonds or corn on the cob, or sit down dinners and sweet puddings – all washed down with a beer or gluhwein.

Something to bear in mind is that Wednesdays are especially for families with younger children, so even though the prices are cheaper you may want to avoid going on this day.

It’s probably best to take the train to the Heiligengeistfeld rather than drive. If you head in the general direction of St Pauli you can’t miss it especially at night when the whole place is lit up by thousands of twinkly fairy lights.

Finally, if you are looking for a drink afterwards try the Shamrock Bar just across the road – a friendly Irish pub with a landlord who is partial to a game of darts.

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