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Quidam by Cirque du Soleil

Quidam by Cirque du Soleil Hamburg
20.00 - 23.00 O2 World

The scene is set: a young girl is watching TV with her parents. She seems bored and disillusioned and we see her start to imagine a fantastical world to entertain herself. The world of Quidam, a seemingly unconnected passing stranger, is born and the famous Cirque du Soleil show jumps into action.

This show is for those who are looking for magic and glitter and amazing acrobats, and it promises to be a truly spectacular night.

The character of Quidam is meant to represent an “everyman” figure. A passing stranger lost in the crowd, a solitary person on a shadowy street corner, or a faceless member of the silent majority. But he allows us to hope and to dream, to aspire for greater things.

If you have seen any Cirque du Soleil before then you pretty much know what to expect. If not, prepare to be flabbergasted at the stunning talents of the performers. Alongside clowns, tumblers and juggling you will see the Aerial Contortion in Silk – a young woman combines power and grace high above the stage on a column of red silk.

A local act in the line-up is the German Wheel, with the artist becoming a spoke in the wheel and performing gravity-defying somersaults and acrobatics. Another act is the Statue – a study in the beauty and strength of the human form as two artists perform acts of incredible balance.

The best way to get to O2 World is on the S21 from Hauptbahnhof which is just down the road from Generator Hamburg. Alternatively it is only about 20 minutes by car.

For a pre-show dinner try the bustling little Fillet of Soul on Deichtorstrasse. This is a small place and so it can get crowded and noisy, but it is very popular with locals and has a great early bird dinner from 6pm. For meat lovers, Estancia Steaks on Grosser Reichenstrasse is just the thing.

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