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Hamburg Fish Market

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05.00 - 12.00 Hamburg-Altona

The river Elbe is the life blood of Hamburg and one of the most amazing experiences is the Fish Market Auction Hall at Altona. This old building has a long tradition on the wharf and you can feel the history of it as you walk through the huge doors.

Once inside you will quickly learn how the locals have come to be described as Fischköpfe (fish heads) with stalls packed with the freshly caught fruits of the sea. This is one place where the prices are set for the locals and if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful dinner you will bag a bargain. Often the merchandise is sold as a bag of assorted items for a set price and you get what you are given whether it is 10 Euros of fish or fruit.

Also inside are stalls selling everything from fresh flowers and fruit to sausages and bread. One thing you will notice is the noise – each trader does his best to out-yell his fellow traders which means the decibels can get pretty high, but this just adds to the atmosphere of the place.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, then why not stop off at one of the coffee houses or cafes and take a break. Once you are revived you may find yourself having a dance as many of the locals get up and twirl around the floor as there are bands playing on the stage at one end of the hall. You will see everyone from families and older folk to young party goers who have been out all night and can’t bear to go home just yet.

You can visit the building at any time but to get the full experience then the best time to visit is 5am on Sunday morning – if you leave it until 7am you will have missed all the fun.

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