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Fantasy Filmfest Nights

Fantasy Filmfest Nights Berlin
12.00 - 23.00 Cinemaxx

Calling all horror and fantasy film fans! If you are zany for zombie flicks or get goose bumps over ghost stories then the Fantasy Filmfest is right up your dark alleyway. For 2 days the Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Straße 4 is turned over to the dark side of cinema.

Have a look at the burnt offerings of this year’s programme:

The Green Inferno – Eli Roth

A classic zombie horror movie with a modern twist from Eli Roth, a “killer” director. The Green Inferno sees a group of unsuspecting students head to the Amazon jungle to help a local tribe from dying out. Unfortunately, they become the unwitting prisoners of the tribe with gruesome consequences.

In Fear – Jeremy Lovering

This is one of those disturbing films that is shot in real time which means the psychological build up is genuine and that much more scary. In Fear explores our age old fear of the dark and the unknown as a young couple find out just how paranoid you can get, in the ultimate road movie gone horribly wrong.

Snowpiercer – Joon-ho Bong

Some post-apocalyptic sci-fi thrills now. It is the not too distant future and global warming has hit hard with the Earth a desolate white wasteland. The only survivors inhabit a train, the Snowpiercer, which continuously travels the planet propelled by a perpetual motion engine. Inevitably a hideously unfair class system develops, and perhaps almost just as inevitably the poor underclass gets a little annoyed with the living conditions and set about taking over the train. While originally a South Korean film you can have a little fun by trying to spot the famous faces like Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans and British acting heavy-weight John Hurt.

So gorge yourself on the grimmest, grittiest and goriest new films this month in Berlin.

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