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Bar Crew – Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

As a team member of the bar crew you ensure that the bar runs smoothly. You ensure that the guests are having a good time with great customer service and making sure the whole bar looks nice and clean.

Customer Service :
Your specific responsibilities include:

•    To provide excellent customer service, therefore taking order with a smile, make a good impression, use right ingredients and present the drink nicely using all the items necessary (coasters & cocktail napkins). During the busy period you are expected to acknowledge guest presence so they don’t feel like they are waiting for their drink too long.  

•    To respond quickly and efficiently, you are required to make sure there are enough clean and cold glasses to serve, juice boxes are full and limes are ready to garnish. Also to ensure there is enough stock and fridges are full with a good display and use the appropriate areas for the extra stock in the Bar.

•    To ensure that bar is kept in high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, looking nice with any advertisement from partners, thereby you are required to tidy up the bar tap, chairs and tables are clean and arranged properly. Dirty plates and dirty glasses need to be collected promptly. Broken glasses must be collected and cleaned as a priority to avoid any injury and floor need to be dry if any spillage to avoid further incident.

•    To ensure that high standards of work are being achieved, thereby upsell is very important to maximising sales, and customer satisfaction.  Also to maintain these standards please ensure you are re-trained where necessary, particularly when new policies or ideas are introduced.

•    To ensure you are informed about the meals served in the kitchen and you go around the tables to take orders from the Bar Menu.

•    It is very important that you are involve in daily activities by helping, promoting and creating social atmosphere in the bar.

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive.

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