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September City Events in Venice

September sees the close of the boating season and the Historic Regatta is the biggest and best of the year. With everything from classical music to art and water sports to antiques markets, Venice is a bustling hive of activity this month.

Venice City Events

1. The Historical Regatta, Grand Canal – 1st September

The atmosphere is very festive down by the water’s edge as you jostle with the crowds to get a better view. You can hear a distant cheer as the lead boat, the Bucintoro, carrying the Doge, his wife and the nobly dressed elders of the city, slowly comes into view. The glitter and sparkle of the sun on the surface draws your eye until the watery procession begins to pass and you marvel at the magnificent decorations of the 16th century style boats and their costumed occupants. Come along to feel part of something as grand and historic as Venice itself!

2. Rudolf Stingel Exhibition – Palazzo Grassi – All Month

Some say art should be used to challenge the views and perceptions of the viewer and Stingel certainly achieves this! As you walk through the door of the Palazzo Grassi you will immediately feel a moment of soft comfort underfoot as the artist has covered the walls and floors of the entire building with carpet. Dotted throughout are highly contrasting, abstract paintings by the artist that are mainly monochrome and centred to stand out. The use of carpet to flood installations with colour and life has been a trademark of Stingel since his “Plan B”, a stunning blue and pink carpet that graced the floor of New York’s grand Central Station.

3. Burano Regatta at Burano – 15th September

Walk through the tiny streets of Burano and soak up the serenity after the bustle of Venice and become entranced by the colourful houses and the little, old ladies sitting in the sun working on their exquisite lace. Coming to the meeting of the island and the sea you notice that there are quite a few boats in the lagoon. Having spent a frantic few days at the Historic Regatta in Venice it seems you are about to be treated to another boat show. The Burano Regatta is a chance for those who missed out on prizes in the big races in Venice to try for a trophy again.

4. Antiques Market at Campo San Maurizio – 20th – 22nd September

Your ear is drawn to talk of ancient Murano glass vases, delicate china figurines and polished silverware dating back centuries. You head towards the sound and come to the delightful little Campo San Maurizio. A quiet square that is less touristy than most and home to the Antiques Market. To stroll around such a market invokes feelings of history and you can almost know the people who used these items daily. A child’s beloved doll, the “best” tea set of a Venetian gentle woman or the bone handled walking cane of an old noble man conjure up images of everyday life in Venice long since gone.

5. Concerts of classical music at Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi – 7th September

A treat for classical music lovers are the concerts at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi. 2013 sees the bicentenaries of Verdi and Wagner as well as the 300 years since the death of Arcangelo Corelli, one of the fathers of Baroque music. The September concert will be a Baroque feast with pieces by Vivaldi, Marcello and Correli. Complex musical themes and layering of instruments means that each time you hear a piece, like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, there is always something you haven’t heard before and you will find yourself mimicking the conductor’s movements. It’s like air guitar for classical music.

6. XY Quartet at Casale Music, Treviso – 13th September

Away from the hustle and bustle of Venice’s crowds is Casale Sul Sile; a quiet walled town that is a little chunk of history in a modern Italy. Rambling streets, brightly coloured shop fronts and cool arcades will help you get in the mood for XYQuartet. You can expect a night of music that is half way between jazz and contemporary music, with plenty of experimentation and improvisation. Sweet alto sax mixed in with deep, vibrant bass sounds and the back beat of drums all looking for new directions in jazz.

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