Rooms & Rates

Venice has a range of shared rooms and private rooms. Go rustic with one of our stylish attic rooms. Book now. 

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Private Double, Twins &...

Rooms sizes: Double bed | 2 beds | 4 beds

Perfect if you like to have your own space- benefit from: Standard Super soft pillows and duvet En-suite bathrooms with super power...

From €45
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Shared Rooms

Rooms sizes: 10 - 16 beds | 5 - 8 beds

Smart and stylish, sociable shared rooms. Book yourself a bed. Super soft pillows and duvet Bespoke bunk beds with privacy boards Full...

From €16
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Female Shared Rooms

Rooms sizes: 10 - 12 beds | 16 beds

Ladies only. Hang out with your friends and enjoy the use of all of the extras: En-suite for up to 14 (we also have a female shared room...

From €16