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Five ways to have fun by the water in Venice

The magical city of Venice is made iconic by its canals, criss-crossed with bridges and flowing with gondolas and other water-bound excitement. A trip to Venice can be a truly breathtaking experience with its mixture of astonishing historical buildings, artwork, a fantastic culture of fresh and delicious foods and a vibrant party atmosphere. At the heart of the city, is the water that connects Venice to the surrounding islands and allows swift and enchanting travel within the city itself.

1. Take a Gondola Along The Grand Canal

Surely the most iconic thing about Venice is its colourful and busy spectacle of waterways, bridges and gondolas. You can buy a pass that will let you use the gondolas when needed for a certain period of time and with this, you can hop on and off. Along the Grand Canal you will find various architectural delights from the Renaissance and even earlier that give the boat ride along the canal – a truly wondrous feeling, especially when the sun is setting.

2. International Boat Show

For two weekends during the month of April the International Boat Show or Festival del Mare, will be coming to Venice. With Venice’s rich seafaring tradition it makes for a great place to see the top boat making brands exhibiting their latest boats all in one place. Whether you’re looking for a yacht or a dingy there’s something here for you. The show is located in San Giuliano Park, which is easily accessible from Venice by taking the 5, 12, 19 or 24 bus to the park.

3. Rialto Market

What would a trip to such an exquisite coast-bound city be without taking in some of its local fish delicacies? The Rialto Market is the best place to see the freshly caught delights of the day. The market is split into two parts, the Pescaria for the fish section and the Erbaria for the fruits and vegetables. The best time to go is early in the morning as the crowds are still fairly thin and the produce for that day will not be fresher.

Water fun in Venice

4. La Laguna

The Venetian Lagoon is the beautiful enclosed bay on the Adriatic Sea that houses the city of Venice and many smaller, yet just as beautiful, islands. For an unforgettable day consider taking a water taxi to three of the most interesting islands in the lagoon, Murano, Burano and Torcello. The island Murano is famous for its glass making which it has practiced there since the 13th century, Burano is known for its high quality lace and the multitude of small but brightly painted houses, and finally Torcello, at one point in history larger and more powerful than Venice, now contains a mere 20 citizens! You can see the former splendour of Torcello which includes spectacular Byzantine era architecture and mosaics and you can take a look at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which was founded in 639 BC and contains many works from the 11th and 12th century.

5. Take A Break To Take It All In

And if all else fails the best way to relax is to take your shoes and socks off and dangle your feet in the cooling waters of the canals and watch the exciting, vibrant city go by outside Generator hostel Venice. Perfect after a long day of exploring this marvellous city.

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