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The Market of Miracles

Venice is a city with a rich cultural history which resonates through its winding streets and many beautiful squares. The church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, which literally means Saint Mary of Miracles, dates back to the late 15th Century. The site is famous mainly for the image of the Virgin Mary housed inside that is said to perform miracles. However, on the square opposite the church is one of Venice’s most popular antiques markets. The three day weekend market is held on various dates throughout the year and is usually open from 8am to 8pm (so there is plenty of time for browsing!). Here are Generator Venice hostel’s top recommendations for the Market of Miracles:

Ancient and Exquisite Books

The Market of Miracles is famous for its book stalls, some which offer beautifully bound books hundreds of years old amongst the large and varied range of treasures. This is also the only market where the stall holders do not have to be professional traders – this is an added bonus for the shopper as it means there is plenty of scope for haggling over the price (don’t forget this tip guys). You can also find old comics, art prints and even bundles of ancient letters that may reveal a long hidden secret.

Gorgeous Glassware

Venice is renowned for the glassware made here and a wealth of old pieces can be found at the Market of Miracles, including rare antique vases and glasses as well as stranger items of interest such as ancient medicine bottles. Back in the day, glass beads, often called “Venetian Pearls”, were a form of currency and used for trading in far flung colonies which can be found in their thousands and are a perfect for making jewellery.

Eye-catching Pottery and Ceramics

Rare pottery is a speciality of the market and most of the pieces are unique, extremely old and offer their own remarkable story. Take some time to look over a few items and you’ll find yourself enthralled by the work which has gone into every piece.

Jewellery and clothing

From costume and glass pieces to genuine antique silver brooches decorated with ivory carvings. Hidden gems are everywhere and you can find all manner of big name labels on these stalls if you’re willing to rummage. In this otherwise expensive city, the Market of Miracles offers the visitor a chance to pick up a bargain jewel or two.

Jewellery and clothing

Homemade Handy crafts

Venice has a long history of handmade craft and at a market such as this you will often find unique craft treasures. These are especially lovely as they often give an insight into the character of the local residents. The stall holders often know the original maker or are themselves the makers of the crafted items and so are willing to discuss styles, designs and prices with an interested buyer.

And everything else…!

There is a huge range of other odd, eccentric and curious items that have been found in attics and old closets. Whether you want that perfect souvenir, a gift that you wouldn’t find anywhere else or just to have a look around and get a real feel for the people of Venice then this antique market is well worth a look. 

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