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The Top London Markets: How To Grab A Bargain

Shopping is a serious pastime in London, but you can avoid the huge crowds of the more popular streets and get something truly unique if you visit one of London’s markets instead. And don’t forget the stall holders are often up for a bit of haggling as long as you take it seriously, you could get a good deal. It would be easy to list all the greats like Covent Garden, Camden or Spitalfields but sometimes it is better to find the smaller, less well known places to get the full flavour of a city. So in no particular order here are some of our favourite, and slightly more obscure, markets to browse and soak up the London vibe:

Greenwich Market

If you are looking for something really special to wear or as a gift or even just a souvenir then try Greenwich Market. It is packed full of unique and distinctive arts and crafts many from local designers and cottage industries. You can buy everything from fashion accessories to high art and even furniture here. With such an eclectic crowd you can expect a vibrant and arty atmosphere and there is loads of great food and drink stalls so you can have a snack while you are browsing. And it is covered so it is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon in London.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Although if you are on holiday you may not be looking for flowers they can make a great impromptu present for a fellow traveller’s unexpected birthday or to say thank you to someone special. So where in London is the best place to get the best blooms? We like the Columbia Road flower market in London’s East End. And even if you don’t want to buy anything the sights and smells are worth making the trip.

Borough Market

As London’s oldest market you can expect this one to have the full character and it does especially its location under London Bridge. Specialising in food you can find every kind of tempting treat under the sun. The market is only open on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays so it is worth planning your visit. The best time to show up is probably around lunchtime as the market will be in full swing and you can pick and choose what to eat. You could, in fact, spend all day just grazing here.

Strutton Ground

Right in the centre of the city is Strutton Ground a small but perfectly formed street market. This is a good place to go if you are looking for some new threads. It is a weekday market so you can expect to see many of the locals shopping here. It is especially popular as a lunch spot for the area’s businesses and offices. Try Strutton Ground for a real taste of what life is like in London.

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