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Top Chinese Restaurants In London

London is known as a cosmopolitan city and the Chinese restaurants here are famous for their tasty, traditional dishes. As 8 is the number for prosperity in China we thought we ought to offer you our top 8 Chinese restaurants in London:

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  1. Princess Garden, North Audley Street:You will often find it packed with Chinese dinners, so you may have to book to get a table on a Saturday night. Try the cheong fun with barbecue pork or the crab steamed dumplings. As can be expected from the Mayfair location the prices are a little above average but you certainly get what you pay for.
  2. Yauatcha, Broadwick Street:Only a few streets back from Oxford street this place is ideal to stop for a bite to eat after a hard days shopping. Their dim sum is out of this world, and worth having extra and skipping dessert at the end of the meal. They have a lovely little cocktail bar where you can get a drink after lunch.
  3. Joy King Lau, Leicester Street: :Just off Leicester Square this restaurant has a lovely old, traditional feel. Again a place for great dim sum but the extensive menu has something for everyone and is filled with Cantonese classics. This is a really good place to have a slap up dinner before heading out for the night to a movie or to a club.
  4. Little Lamb, Shaftesbury Avenue: :Although in Chinatown you can hardly move for Chinese restaurants this one stands out as one of the few places that serve a hotpot. You choose 5 dishes and the stock/soup base for around £23 per person and you cook the raw dishes in the hotpot on your table! For a rowdy atmosphere and an unusual experience then try the Little Lamb.
  5. Phoenix Palace, Glentworth Street: :Across the road from the Baker Street underground station the Phoenix Palace is a step up from the casual dining of Chinatown (but still offers good value for money). A particular favourite is the Cantonese roast duck cooked the way it should be, tender with crispy skin.
  6. HK Diner, Wardour Street: : You will often find quite a few local Chinese people eating here, which is recommendation enough! The food is of a high standard and as they open until 4am it is the ideal place to visit for after the clubs have kicked you out in the early hours.
  7. Hunan, Pimlico Road: :In Belgravia this place is a bit more up market but a good place for a special dinner. The staff will guide your food choices based on what your tastes and will help if you don’t like spicy food. The food is served like tapas in a tasting dishes style which is a little different to other Chinese restaurants.
  8. Mr Kong, Lisle Street: :This is one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown and is a cosy little place with a homey feel. One of the highlights is the Peking crispy duck and you certainly won’t go hungry!

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