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Get eco-friendly in London

There are so many ways to explore London with an eco friendly print and walking is not necessarily your only option. If you are looking to save money, get an Oyster card and jump on any bus that goes through London to get the views without the price tag of a tour bus. London also has many cycle lanes to take advantage of and many parks which can be explored through pedal power alone.

This handy guide explains how you can be eco-friendly in your trip to London, and what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint. Get eco friendly, grab an oyster and start recycling with the Generator London hostel.

Pick up an Oyster for eco-friendly London travel

Given the size of London, visitors may be forgiven for thinking that travelling around the capital is likely to have a sizeable impact on the environment. However, for those willing to forgo the experience of getting from A to B in a black cab on a regular basis, it is possible to explore London’s attractions without overly damaging your eco credentials.

London has one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world and making use of it during a stay will save not only the planet, but also time and money. Those making regular trips are advised to buy an Oyster Card, which is used to gain access to the bus and tube network at a reduced rate.

Oyster was the first smartcard ticketing system in the world to give users daily price capping, which was introduced in February 2005. Learn more about Oyster or give us a shout or if you would like us to help your Oyster card out for you.

On your bike!

Eco-Friendly London

Those looking to head off exploring during a stay in London may wish to consider hiring a bicycle to get around the city. The capital offers a wide variety of cycle routes for those of all abilities, ranging from quiet rides through parks to trips through the very centre of the city. You can now even work out a cycle route on Google Maps so you have no excuse to not use some pedal power.

Visitors who have travelled to the capital without their bike will still be able to enjoy the opportunities London has to offer, as there are countless places where cycles are available to rent. There are also many biking cycling activities to take part in, or clubs to join if you are keen to keep fit throughout your trip. For example during July, the annual London Bikeathon provides the opportunity to explore the city on two wheels.

Our top tip for travellers is to explore London on one of the many Barclays bikes dotted around central London – simply register your card and you’re off! Find more info here –


Generator Hostels – Reducing its Hostels Carbon Footprint

We hear more and more every day about pollution, landfills that cannot take any more rubbish, greenhouse gases and an Earth that is going to be a struggle to live on for generations to come.

You may think there is not much you can do, but recycling is one of those little efforts that help a lot to save our planet.

Paper & Batteries

We have installed a small recycling corner in our lobby opposite our reception entrance. At the moment we have two large blue bins for paper waste and a small bucket for used batteries.

We would like to ask you that before you put your fancy carrier bag in the bin you got in TopShop with your newest pair of jeans in, just give it a thought and walk to our lobby to find the recycling bins. Other items you can put in the bin: cardboard boxes, flyers and maps you don’t need any more and basically anything paper!

Glass Bottles

After enjoying your drinks, please put your empty bottles on the top of our bins provided in the bar and breakfast area. Our staff members will collect them and put them in the designated bin.


Did you know that we have a book exchange facility in Generator London? Instead of throwing your used books in the bin, just place them on the bookshelf for others to enjoy! Also, you might find something you fancy reading so why don’t you check it out.

Clothes, Shops & Curiosities

We organize a yearly flee market in our lobby where we sell all things left over by our guests! The fair is open for both staff and guests and we donate the income to a different charity every year! In case your bag is full of goodies you bought during your travels and you would like to get rid of some of your old stuff – see one of our staff members who will happily take your donation.

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