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Best Spots To See Runners At London Marathon

Every year literally tens of thousands head to London for the London Marathon and that is just the runners! It is estimated that around half a million people turn up just to watch. Whether you want to mix in with the crowds or find a more secluded place to cheer here are the best places to see the London Marathon: 

Under starters orders

Greenwich Park is the location for the start of the race. Although huge the park will be packed the atmosphere is guaranteed to be amazing with the competitors limbering up. If you hang around the runners do head back through the top end of the park between the Mile 6 and 7 markers just before the famous Cutty Sark.

Surrey Docks area

Just after the Cutty Sark and the heaving crowds the race heads into the Surrey Docks area which is one of the quietest spots along the course. There are not many touristy sites so you will probably find you can pick your place at the roadside to cheer. If you have been at the start, Surrey Docks is only a short walk and you are likely to beat the runners there as they will get there between Miles 8 and 11.

Canary Wharf

If you are looking for a spot where the runners need a bit more encouragement, head to Canary Wharf at about Mile 17. This is just over the half way mark and the competitors will be starting to feel the burn. On the plus side it is another relatively quiet spot so you won’t feel like a sardine. Although there is often some sort of party going on in Canada Square if you feel like some lively company.

London Bridge Spectators

Tower Bridge and Tower Hill

One of London’s most iconic sights is also one of the most popular places to see the runners. This is one of the high points in the race for the competitors as they cross the bridge at the Mile 12 mark and the party here will be starting early on. If you can find a cosy cafe for elevenses then wait out the race the runners will be coming back through this bit of London at Mile 23 as they head down Tower Hill and into the home stretch.


The last gasp of the race between Mile 24 and 25 is along the lovely embankment area with fab views of the Thames, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. The runners will be very spread out at this end of the race and some may need a good rousing cheer to get them through the last 2 miles.

The Photo Finish

The finish line is in the beautiful St James Park where there are plenty of sights for the avid photographer; such as The Mall and Buckingham Palace.

We will see you there, and if you are taking part we wish you the best of luck.

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