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Halloween Weekend Frightfest

When: 31st October – 3rd November

Our Halloween weekender is not one, but three days of weird and wonderfulness with pop ups, pumpkin carving and creepy costumes. It’s going to be a good un.

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Day one: Once you’re arrived and settled the pumpkin carving can begin. You’ll be schooled on the best way to design and carve your little orange friend. They’ll be beer and mischeif a plenty as we ease you into the halloween mayhem.

Day two: Friday is the night of the big banquet, where our chef will conjure up something special for you and your pals. Let’s not be hasty though as there’s still a lot to achive before feeding time. Generator will be providing it’s very own makeup station and costumes for you all to make sure you look the part. To kick off the night they’ll be a pumpkin presentation and whoever has the best skills will be crowned pumpking king.

The dinner will be something you won’t forget in a hurry. Sitting in the pitch black in nervous anticipation, who knows what you’ll be fed. Eyeballs, intestines blood? We’re not making any promises. Your staff will include vampires and monsters so don’t look to them for comfort scaredy cats. Your only choice is to immerse yourself in the feast and let your other senses do the work.

DJ Direction, a regular at the likes of Waagenbau, Stellwerk and Grunspan, will be dishing out an ear pleasing mix of hip hip, Funk and Dubstep. Have a listen on soundcloud and facebook . They’ll be themed drinks and halloween specials. For all you who’ve costumed up a free bloody drink will be in order. Those who dare to not come dressed up will face the wrath of Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s, Leatherface.

Day three:

Roll on Saturday and you’ll be given free entry to the Hamburg Dungeon.

The Hamburg Dungeon is a 90-minute journey through 600 years of Hamburg’s murky past. You will laugh and scream as you encounter live actor shows (available in English and German), gripping storytelling, exciting rides and state of the art special effects. You’re in for a shocker.

You and your companions follow the story of Hamburg’s darkest history through 11 live shows with live actors, 2 rides and much more. It is based on real history, where you come face-to-face with sinister characters from Hamburg’s gruesome past. It’s sigthseeing with a difference that’s for sure.


This whole package, including a bed in a 4-8 dorm for three nights is only 99,00€, plus you get breakfast each morning! Get booking Halloween fiends.

Book by calling the Hamburg reception on 0049 4022 635 8460 or email






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