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June City Events in Hamburg

The big draw this month in Hamburg is the renowned cultural festival Altonale. There will be loads of interesting and fun things to do around Altona, but there is also the Hamburg Harley Days for bikers and the beautiful water and lights shows at Planten und Bloomen.

1. Altonale, city wide – 31st May – 16th June

Altona is the place to be in Hamburg this month with the whole area coming alive. There are too many events to list here but highlights include the Altonale Flea Market at the Mercado, which is right by the Altona Bahnhof so you can’t miss it. Another big event not to miss is the three day street festival on the last weekend where there will be music, theatre, film, photography, arts, food and loads of the events are free too! So if you are in Hamburg in June make sure you catch some genuine Hamburg culture.

2. Hamburg International Short Film Festival, city wide – 4th – 10th June

One for film buffs, now. The Hamburg International Short Film Festival is one of the most cutting edge film festivals. Short film makers are incredibly creative people and have a unique talent of being able to deliver their message in a fast and courageous way. This is the experimental side of cinema and you will find that many of the films are abstract and challenging. There will be around 400 films on during the festival, so we have picked out a few home grown specials to recommend. Harbour Girl by Karsten Wiesel, Endless Day by Anna Frances Ewert and Verfolgungswahn by Ulle Bowski.

3. ASAP Rocky at Docks – 6th June

If you are looking for a good gig early in June then you can’t go wrong at the Docks with ASAP Rocky. A young man who started rapping at the tender age of eight, he has seen some pretty rough stuff in his short life which has inspired his lyrics. His debut album “Live. Love. ASAP” has hit the charts with much critical acclaim and with great tracks like “Wassup” we are not surprised. So if you are into rap and hip hop get down to the docks and see this new talent.

4. Duckstein Festival – 28th June – 7th July

Culture on Fleet Island: This year’s successful event builds their tents, like last year on Jungfernstieg. For the 16th time the colourful festival directly along the inner Alster Lake invites to experience true musical tidbits from soul to rock & pop experience. Over the past decade the Duckstein Festival evolved to an absolute crowd favourite. The various program of international street theatre, music selections and high quality gastronomy attracts up to 150,000 Hamburgians and tourists. The motto is Arts, Culture & Culinary. In addition, a wide variety of street theatre keeps the customers happy: Around 50 significant international artists are coming back to the festival this year, and is rounded off by a quality market for fashion, jewellery and design.

5. Hamburg Harley Days, Grosse Market – 21st – 23rd June

If you prefer two wheels to four and like the leather look then Hamburg Harley Days is one for you. The Grosse Market in the centre of the city is taken over by a huge gang of bikers and bikes and the air will be filled with the sweet sound of revving engines. There will be stages playing great rock music and food stalls with tempting treats so you can top up your own fuel levels as you wander around the exhibition stands and admire the skills of the riders doing bike demos and stunts. The highlight is the Harley Night Parade with bikes in costumes as well as the riders.

6. Water and Light Concerts at Planten un Bloomen – All Month

There is nothing better than a leisurely stroll around Hamburg’s lovely Planten un Bloomen on a warm evening. But during the summer months there is an added bonus with the Water and Light Show. See the fountains light up and seem to dance to some of the best known classical tunes for your entertainment. So why not get a blanket, sit back and relax and enjoy this stunning display.

7. Paramore at Docks – 22nd June

We are back to the docks now with a huge rock band that just can do no wrong at the moment. You cannot fail to have noticed lead singer Hayley Williams and her brightly coloured hair and wild personality. Or if you are a gamer you may recognise some of their music from The Sims 2, Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band 2. The band is now well established and on their fifth studio album. Their newest single “Still Into You” is awesome and is doing great in the charts. So if you need a rocking good night out this one is for you.

8. Kay Ray at Schmidts Tivoli – 7th June

Need something to blow your mind? Try Kay Ray at Schmidts Tivoli in St Pauli for a boisterous party night on stage. With hard bitten political comedy and a sharp shooting black humour that will wither any heckler this will be a night you remember for a long time. There will be laughs, tears, amazing hair and surprise guests. As with many modern comics the emphasis is on the funny moments in everyday life with a twist, he may even pop into the audience for a visit. So go and see a true German comic genius at work.

9. Vessels at Hafanklang – 2nd June

If you love a live band that makes any gig feel like a personal one, just for you, the Vessels will not disappoint. Described as a post-rock band their music is on the experimental side with electronic themes and unusual samples but great in a club. They have squeezed out a couple of studio albums and the single “Yuki” off their first album is awesome. This UK band has played a few big festival gigs including Leeds and Latitude. If you fancy something a bit different, then head to Hafanklang this June.

10. Schlagermove, city wide – 28th – 29th June

A music genre unique as it is sensational is schlager. Imagine a cross between hit 70’s and 80’s disco and modern pop tunes and you are getting there. We love schlager, the tackier the better so this month we will be heading out to Schlagermove the annual schlager festival. The whole thing kicks off with a warm up party at the Heiligengeistfeld with multiple music stages and all manner of festival type activities. There will be a parade and loads of other parties, so dig out your highest platform shoes and wide collared shirts and we’ll see you there!

11. Evil Things at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe – All Month

Now to round off with something arty. The new exhibition at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Arts and Crafts) looks at the consequences of bad taste in design and the applied arts. If kitsch items of technology appeal to you or you just love gadgetry then why not take a look. The idea has been inspired by the Museum der Dinge Berlin started by Gustav E Pazaurek who collected together 900 repelling examples of bad taste as a lesson to manufacturers of the world of what not to do. The exhibition mixes in some of these historic pieces as well as modern examples of mass produced trash and high-end designs. Aiming to answer the question of how objects can influence human behaviour this exhibition will open your eyes to a new level of Evil Things.

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