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February City Events in Hamburg

Hamburg is a vibrant city with a lively music scene, but there is so much more to it than that (including a great Hamburg hostel). If you are in Hamburg in February why not check out our city events guide:

Lower Than Atlantis at Hafenklang – 19th February

With the release of their third album”Changing Tune” in October 2012 Lower Than Atlantis seem to have finally arrived. Lower Than Atlantis have been paying their dues in the underground club circuit since they formed in 2007 and have now emerged blinking into the bright media sunlight and are getting some well deserved attention. If you like your punky rock, with a good drum beat and heavy on the guitar, then head to Hafenklang in Hamburg this February for some great music. Their newest single ‘Love Someone Else’ is a ready-made radio hit. Have a listen here.

HAMBURGER SV – EINTRACHT FRANKFURT at Imtech Arena Hamburg – 2nd February

Hamburger SV is one of Germany’s oldest and best performing football clubs. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the German Bundesliga will be familiar with their prowess as they are the only team to have stayed in the top league since its formation in 1963. This is a home match for Hamburg against the visiting Frankfurt team, who are currently five places above them in the league, so it promises to be a good one; especially as Frankfurt beat Hamburg on their home turf in the other half of the leg. The Imtech Arena is a little out of the centre of Hamburg at the edge of the Altona Volkspark, so unless you have your own transport it is best to catch the train there. The S21 will get you to Hamburg Elbgaustrasse then it is a 20 min walk to the stadium, so make sure you wrap up warm. If you can’t get tickets then head to a cosy sports bar and sup a few warming pints with some friends and watch the game on the TV.

Corvus Corax at Fabrik Nightclub – 14th February

February is the month for love, but if you have had enough of the hearts and flowers and just want a good night out, then for something completely different head to Fabrik on the 14th. Corvus Corax is a German band that plays an unusual brand of metal mixed with neo-medieval music on a variety of instruments. Their sound is quite Celtic, almost bordering on folk, with bagpipes, shawm and hurdy gurdy as well as more traditional drums and guitars filling out the harmonies. This is just the thing to take your mind off Valentine’s Day and you can lose yourself in the wild music, amazing theatrical costumes and themed storylines.

The Darkness at Grünspan – 26th February

Who could forget the timeless, tongue-in-cheek classic ‘I Believe In A Thing Called love’ and the hugely popular ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’ from the glam rock band The Darkness. Well, if you have, then refresh your memory with their new album ‘Hot Cakes’ and go and see them at Grünspan in Hamburg. They are back after a seven year absence where they were busy having families and renewing their love of rock and roll – but they’re back and are even better than before.

Hostel Guests Are Taking a Live Music Sign

OLIVER POCHER – The Truth and Nothing But the Truth! At CCH – 7th February

Oliver Pocher is a German born comedian and TV presenter with a controversial style who is known from Saturday LIVE! on Sky. Formerly an insurance salesman, Pocher found a natural gift for performance and began to play DJ gigs and on radio stations. His big break came in 2002 when he got his own show “Alles Pocher, … oder was?” described as the only show to tell youngsters the truth about growing up. Go and see him, if you want to know the truth about TV, babies, men, women, and everything that has happened in between.

Mother Africa Circus at CCH – 17th February

If you are in Hamburg in the middle of February and are looking for something entertaining and different try the Mother Africa Circus. All the performers are from Africa and the music will transport you to a place where you can almost feel the hot sun on baked earth. Highlights from the show include the Master of Balance from Tanzania. He balances on a board on top of wobbling, rolling cans. Also Kenya’s Lazaraus Mwangi, a contortionist dubbed as the most flexible man in the world is one not to miss. You can see dancers, other acrobats and stunning costumes too. I If you are a fan of African culture and music then this is a must see show.

Hamburg Freezers vs. Straubing Tigers Ice Hockey at O2 World – 17th February

“I was once watching a fight and an ice hockey game broke out”. It’s an old joke, but if you have watched any of this brutal sport then you can see how the joke was born. The Hamburg Freezers are currently chasing second place in the ‘Deutsche Eishockey Liga’ (DEL), so they are looking for another win against the Straubing Tigers, who are in 11th place. If you are looking for some gritty entertainment then why not head down to the O2 World in Hamburg for this play-off match. Or you could find a great bar in town and soak up the fan atmosphere while watching the game in the warm, on TV with a nice German beer.

The Importance of Being Earnest at English Theatre – 21st February onwards

Arguably one of Oscar Wilde’s most famous and influential plays, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, is a tale that somehow manages to be classic yet up-to-date at the same time. The subtitle ‘A Trivial Comedy for Serious People’ shows just how Wilde wanted to satirise some of the social obligations and conventions of his time. The main characters are caught up in a twisting net of white lies and mistaken identity until it all, inevitably, comes crashing down around their ears and all is revealed at the end. If you are partial to high brow intellectual humour, and let’s face it Oscar Wilde is the king of witty dialogue, then get down to the English Theatre. Sadly this play was one of the last works Wilde wrote as soon after he was imprisoned for homosexuality and then exiled in Paris.

Will and The People at Logo – 3rd February

This band claim that Bob Marley and the Wailers are their biggest influence; so if you dig a bit of reggae then pop into Logo in Hamburg for their gig. Success has been a long time coming for the band with years of clubbing and touring under their belts before their first significant chart success with “Lion in The Morning Sun”. They have been compared to the Police and the Specials with the felt hats, hard ska drums and bouncy rhythms. Will and the People is a band full of energy and you will find it hard not to get up and dance to their infectious, upbeat music.


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