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January City Events in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and despite its age it still has a young, vibrant feel to it. If you are visiting hostel Hamburg in January then don’t expect a quiet time as there are still loads of interesting things going on. Have a look at our top 10 things to do this month in Hamburg for some ideas:

1. Macbeth at Thalia Theater – 6th January

What better way to cheer yourself up in mid-winter than with a Shakespeare tragedy? The classic tale of intrigue and murder, Macbeth is a favourite. Inexorably on a road to self-destruction and only in the face of death does Macbeth recognize the futility of his struggle. If you are a fan of the bard then this production is a must. The Thalia Theatre in Hamburg is one of the oldest in the city which gives the place an amazing atmosphere you can feel as soon as you walk in.

2. German Bundesliga: Hamburger SV v Werder Bremen at AOL Arena – 26th January

For those who take their sport seriously how about a chance to see some top football action in Hamburg? The Bundesliga is the German equivalent of the English premiership, for those who don’t know, and the competition is mighty tough up there. This match between Hamburg and Werder Bremen is a fight for mid table places with Bremen current 2 spots ahead of the home team. The players are fresh out of the Christmas break and so this promises to be an action packed game. If you don’t have tickets then why not head to a cosy bar a watch in the warm as you sup a beer.

3. Dreadful Shadows at Markthalle Hamburg – 12th January

If the middle of winter is making you feel a bit dark and gloomy then try some Goth to match your mood. The Dreadful Shadows have risen from the bones of rock gods like The Sisters of Mercy and The Fields of the Nephilim to bring new dark depths to German music. Expect lots of atmospheric mournful melodies and dark undertones. However, on the plus side there are some awesome guitar riffs and the drums are nice and heavy. Abandon hope all yee who watch this band.

4. Steffen Henssler at Hamburg Messe – 31st January

Big fan of Jamie Oliver or Heston? Well Hamburg’s own Steffen Henssler is the Robbie Williams of the cooking scene. His hugely successful TV show “Pot Dead or Alive” is watched by millions every day. Steffen’s bad boy style is reminiscent of the Naked Chef; he strips away unnecessary frills and just shows how to make good meals, simply. He is instantly charming with the cheeky smile and stubbly chin. “Mermaids do not cook” is the brand new live tour and promises that you can find love through good food.

5. Milos Karadaglic at Kulturkirche Altona – 12th January

Nothing says summer more than a young Latino looking man expertly strumming his guitar. Milos Karadaglic will certainly make you feel warm this January with his classical good looks and guitar playing. A young man with music in his blood, Milos began playing guitar aged eight and was appearing at major concert halls by the time he was 14. Critics are mentioning his name in the same sentence as guitar greats like Andres Segovia and John Williams; it is as if he is shining a light and revitalising the classical guitar. If strumming strings and classical music are your thing then Milos is a must see.

6. The 69 Eyes at Markthalle Hamburg – 27th January

For something a little more modern try Finnish rock band, The 69 Eyes. Having been in the business for a while their style has mutated from glam metal through sleaze rock to a more goth ‘n’ roll style. Very much in the vein of The Cult and The Mission with dark lyrical melodies combined with heavy guitars and thumping drum beats. Make sure you don’t stand out in the crowd so wear lots of black otherwise they may put a spell on you.

7. The War Of The Worlds – Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version at O2 World Hamburg 3rd January

If you are the type of person who enjoys a bit of a scare and loves the feel of goosebumps then you have to see Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of The Worlds. The cast is packed with huge musical and acting talent including a huge holographic head beautifully narrating the invasion and aftermath story. This version is a new generation of the musical and it includes some big names like Liam Neeson, now the narrator, and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson who plays the artilleryman.

8. Rock the Ballet at Kampnagel – all January

If your guilty pleasure is a bit of tutu then this is for you. Bringing classical dance right up to date is Rock the Ballet which artfully mixes classical dance moves with rock music. It’s like the Chippendales meets Mozart. Think ballet is stuffy and boring? Think again as the bad boys of dance display everything in their shirts off routine and who needs girls when you can have blow up dolls to dance with. This is a big, loud and brassy show with a top soundtrack featuring Queen, Coldplay, Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravtiz among others. So get on your toes and sashay down to Kampnagel. For more info, check out our guide for top places to see live music in Hamburg.

9. Eleni Mandell at Knust – 21st January

For a more up tempo gig try Eleni Mandell. She has been around the block a few times in both her music career and personal life. She is a slightly unconventional kind of girl as after a split with long time boyfriend she got herself a sperm donor and gave birth to twins last year. Proving the women can do it by themselves. That said her latest album “I Can See The Future” is very upbeat even the songs that appear to be about break ups, and much less dark than previous outings. You can expect expertly crafted storylines told with a soulful and sensitive voice, backed up by lively, up-tempo instrumentation. If you are a fan of Tom Waits or PJ Harvey then you will love Eleni Mandell.

10. Annette Wehrmann. Brain and Money at Kunsthalle – All January

Looking for a culture fix? Annette Werhmann was involved in the renewed politicisation of art from the 1990s, particularly in urban areas. She is probably best known for “Blumensprengungen” or “flower blasting” which involved a series of small explosions in flower pots in inner city pedestrian areas and public parks in Hamburg. The Brain and Money exhibition is a collection of her works consisting of oversized brick ‘footballs’, drawings, and videos of actions that will be permanently on display at the Kunsthalle. So if you like your art to make statements about today’s society then this is for you.

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