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What To See At The Reeperbahn Festival

Like every city festival it’s often more about what you can afford to miss rather than what you should see, however here’s some tasters to put at the top of your own menu of art and music.


The kings of math-rock present their blistering instrumental assault on a hungry crowd at the festival. For those that don’t know 65daysofstatic are an instrumental post-rock who have quickly acheived iconic status.

Street Art Walk

Street art is always accessible – and often you can curate your own collection just by wandering a city. But if you want to see the best why not join this group of urban art connoisseurs from the St. Pauli Museum to take a walk through the streets of Hamburg and pick out choice pieces from the streets.


These Brazilians have been spinning DJ sets at the Reeperbahn Festival for years – but this time they’re offering up a live show of their sweaty and oddly alluring techno-punk.

Flat Stock Europe Convention Posters 10

Like print, posters and propaganda? Then you’ll be in heaven here. Masters and up and comers of the printing world will gather to show and sell their wares. Not only will you be able to peruse the work of these hot designers but you’ll be able to pick up some bargains.

Marla Blumenblatt

German 50′s inspired retro-pop now. Marla Blumenblatt provides a sensational retro rock stage show with 50′s organ and surf-rock guitar noise throughout. She sings, we assume a little tongue-in-cheek about ice-cream and attractive men – what else do you need?

A Wall Is A Screen

This is exactly what you think it is – open air cinema at its finest. Gather with friends and strangers to watch classic films, art house movies and the odd comedy every now and again across Hamburg.


Garage rock at its most straight-forward – buzzing guitar-drone, shouting boy/girl call and response and a clear unbroken line through the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! to the Velvet Underground. Not clever, but big.

Broken Twin

Broken Twin offer minimalistic piano tinkling and soulful and ethereal violin. Her voice stars here filling large cold spaces with soft, sad warmth. The 24 year old Dane sings songs of lost love and loneliness. Something to help you come down!

Welcome To the End

Bob Tooke and Manfred Kirschner have always been friends, but this will be their parting. Tooke is planning to return to Louisiana – but not before providing a humorous, witty show at the Reeperbahn Festival. Their combined work combine music, text and painting to tackle the portrayal of dystopia and apocalypse scenarios in modern culture. It’s certainly one way to go out with a bang.

Video Mapping – Everything is a canvas

Part light artists, part VJ – Visual Skippers from Hamburg always have something to offer – although it’s usually in the form of pretty lights. This year they’ll be performing with DJ Costa – their performances are never alike, fitting their work with the music; so there’s always a surprise in store.

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